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Male/Female Nurses

Baby Care Sevices are providing B.Sc Nursing /GNM nursing Staff with experience of Hospitals of 2-3 years.We provide reliable and well experienced Nursing staff both male and female catering a wide variety of needs of our clients. Our nurses excel in attending our clients with their good patient care and hospitality services. Our nurses are provided time to time training on quality health care and nursing acts. Our nurses offer quality healthcare services to clients at home.

Tracheostomy Care Nurses

Baby Care Services provide tracheostomy care staff for clients with new or recent tracheostomy to maintain patency of the tube and minimize the risk for infection (since the inhaled air by the client is no longer filtered by the upper airways). Initially a tracheostomy may need to be suctioned and cleaned as often as every 1 to 2 hours. After the initial inflammatory response subsides, tracheostomy care may only need to be done once or twice a day, depending on the client.

Nursing Attendents for Hospitals Or Home in Delhi/ NCR

  • 1) Nursing attendants are used for Performing Day to Day Tasks to support the Medical team in Properly Caring for the Disabled/Ill/Elderly citizen.
  • 2) With Un-Matched Skill & Compassion, Care health trained nursing attendant's Play a Vital role in Patient Care.
  • 3) Baby Care Services Trained Nursing Duties are Typically Involve a Great deal of Hands on Contact. They are mostly responsible for Helping Patients with Basic Functions Such as wound dressing, bathing, feeding, exercises, and companionship.
  • 4) Our Trained nursing attendants will Also Help Patients In & Out Of Bed, Take Them For walks, Help Them into Their wheelchairs, Helping Them with Their Hygiene Needs & Exercises.
  • 5) Our Trained Nursing attendants will also help in Recording & Monitoring Vital signs & Ensuring NUTRITION & Hydration.
  • 6) Also Reporting Changes in the Patient's Physical & Mental Conditions to The Family Members or Medical team.
  • 7) Our Professional Trained Nursing attendants have hands on work experience in wide array of care setups including nursing homes, Hospitals, Adult care Centers or assisted Living Facilities Apart From their Homes.

Our Staff Supervision & Monitoring

  • 1) Age specific alarm limits
  • 2)Clinical state
  • 3)Nature of the airway problem
  • 4)Ability to breathe and maintain their airway in the event of accidental decannulation
  • 5)Ability to clear own secretions
  • 6)Frequency of suction/tracheostomy tube interventions required
  • 7)Ventilation requirements
  • 8)Cognitive ability
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